His Wages ● “You shall give him his wages on the same day”
One Week – Delayed Payday
A delayed payday means you must wait many days to receive your wages.
One Week – Daily Payday
A daily payday means your pay is available the day you work.

When anyone performs labor for an employer and then has to wait many days to receive payment for that labor, numerous difficulties arise for the employee. Banks and payday loan companies have capitalized on this and generate tens of billions of dollars in revenue annually in the US alone.

This site was started in 2009 but has not progressed due to lack of funding.  However our goals remain the same and work continues behind the scene.

Much of the information on this site is in disarray as we have updated the underlying technology.  Work continues when possible to bring things up to date.

We seek to impact our culture to follow Deuteronomy 24:15 and pay labor the day it was earned.  This process will take generations to return as the norm, so now is the time to start.

Rather than look at the abuse and try to regulate it, we advocate daily paydays.

Any employer has the right to change their policy to serve their employees. Corporate, government, religious, private, or any organization can start the process. As employers change, the market place for services to support daily paydays will expand.

His Wages ● “You shall give him his wages on the same day” Deuteronomy 24:15HisWages.org